The 2023 year edition of Malmö Jazzmanifest will be held at Matverkstaden

July 20-21

Doors will open at 18:00 and jamsession after last concert at 23:00

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Södra Bulltoftavägen 51

212 22

Malmö, Sweden

July 20th

19:00 Lisa Björänge Kvintett

Lisa Björänge has brought the favorites in Stockholm, Josef Kallerdahl and Fredrik Ljungkvist, went via Gothenburg and picked up Fabian Kallerdahl and Ossian Ward. Together, they take on material from the upcoming album on HOOB records, but also tackle some of Lisa's originals from previous records. In Lisa's universe there are no pointers or preconceived notions. The music always take its own path. She surrounds herself with musicians who let their whimsy dictate the flow and loves to take risks. Then you reap the biggest profits. And if you were to drive down a ditch, you can make great music out of it. Everything is fantastic possibilities in Björänge's music.

Lisa Björänge - vocals

Fredrik Ljungqvist - tenor saxophone

Fabian Kallerdahl - piano

Josef Kallerdahl - double bass

Ossian Ward - drums


In Finnish, Mieli means mind, spirit, meaning, mind and consciousness, so it is no coincidence that this duo chose this particular name.In 2016, Sebastian and Amanda started writing songs together in a mutual collaboration where both are responsible for text and music, Mieli was formed.

The music is characterized by a shared love for powerful, minimalistic and devotional tones and lyrics from jazz, popular music and wisdom. Sometimes it is possible to hear several minutes of meditative improvisation with text and notes, sometimes it is just a song with the simplicity of a show that is enough.In a meditative and responsive interplay, they let the music and the lyrics run free and take new directions that make the music always different from time to time.

On March 17 this year, Mieli released her debut album, recorded in the spring of 2021 in Studio Lur in Stockholm.

Amanda Hjertman - voice

Sebastian Persson - guitar

22:00 Christina von Bülow Kvintett - A tribute to Horace Parlan

The Danish shooting star and also Lars-Gullin award winner Christina von Bülow has a solid career behind her. Christina's melodic saxophone playing takes great inspiration from the American bebop and cool jazz tradition. Over the years, Christina has recorded several albums with musicians such as Jan Allan and Bernt Rosengren, but also conducted concerts with Lee Konitz. She's coming to Malmö Jazzmanifest with her quintet where her son, Pelle von Bülow also plays guitar.

Christina von Bülow (DK) - alto saxophone

Zier Romme (DK) - piano

Pelle von Bülow (DK) -  guitar

Anders Fjeldsted (DK) - double bass

Frands Rifbjerg (DK) -  drums

July 21th

19:00 Agnes Persson Kvartett

The guitarist and composer Agnes Persson is one of the young musicians who have renewed the Swedish jazz scene in recent years. Her debut album In Collaboration With Flowers (Havtorn Records, 2021) stood out especially among the Swedish jazz releases that year, thanks in large part to Agnes original compositions and arrangements, which take up a lot of space on the album. The release led, among other things, to a nomination in the Newcomer of the Year category during the Manifest Gala 2022. It was also named Guitar Jazz of the Year by Lira Musikmagasin.

In 2023, she continues her artistic exploration, this time in trio format. She has bassist Jakob Ulmestrand and drummer Ludwig Aronsson with her. For this project, Agnes has delved deeply into various concepts to develop a characteristic interplay, as well as created new original compositions for these particular musicians. The band has a distinctive sound with a very dynamic expression that reflects the musicians' artistic identities. Exclusively for this concert, they have brought the pianist and composer Rasmus Mannervik. Rasmus is a Stockholm-based pianist whose playing consists of great sensitivity and spontaneity. His touch is soft and emotional, which creates a personal touch on the music that is hard not to like.

"Agnes is the starting point and center of the music. Her electric guitar sets a lingering mood with such a clear tone that the guitar remains in the music even when she plays so quietly that it is barely audible, or not playing at all."- Bengt Eriksson, Lira Musikmagasin

Agnes Persson - electric guitar

Jakob Ulmestrand - double bass

Ludwig Aronsson - drums

Guest: Rasmus Mannervik - piano

20:30 Jutéus 3

For the past seven years, Jutéus 3 has worked together as a group as well as a rhythm section on the Swedish and international jazz scene. The trio's unmistakable style stems from an original way of improvising and in the original compositions there is a deep passion for classical romanticism. Their broad repertoire also reveals a passion for jazz tradition and iconic pop idols such as Simon & Garfunkel and the Beatles

Martin Jutéus - piano

Aaron Mandelmann - double bass

Pontus Häggblom - drums

22:00 Kurt Rosenwinkel - The Chopin Project

Guitarist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader and Heartcore Records founder Kurt Rosenwinkel has long been known as a unique creative voice at the forefront of modern music. His imaginative integration of electronics, rich idiosyncratic harmonic colors, genre-bending aesthetics and his masterful collection of original compositions have inspired generations of musicians and listeners and have left an indelible mark on the soundscape of the 21st century. We can't help but look forward to a fantastic concert during Malmö Jazzmanifest!

Kurt Rosenwinkel - Guitar

Jean-Paul Brodbeck - piano

Lukas Traxel - bass

Jorge Rossy - drums